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Oh my, it's the brand new KING DUB..... Words simply can't explain all this board has to offer when it comes to whitewater domination!  

Because of the high degree of difficulty there are certain traits and functionality that need to be in a whitewater board. So much of Paddle Board River Running is sensory which becomes instinctual and automatic when you're on a board that works with you on the river...Introducing the world's first and foremost KING DUB. 
The King Surf and King DUB lines are the Hydrus Board Tech flagship surf and whitewater line of sorts. We have put all we have into designing, shaping and building a board shape that is better than anything else out there for what it's intended. 


  • Length x Width x Height: 9'8" x 34"
  • Load Capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Volume: 305L

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