Video Contest 2011
The 2011 Video Contest was a huge success! Here are the Results:

AIRE has the best customers. Thanks to everyone who submitted a video in the contest!  Most of the videos can be seen in our gallery and on the product pages.  (We could not post a few in the gallary because they were Vimeo vids and our player is a you tube player.) We had a little of everything; kayaking, R2ing, big water, calm water, oar rigs, fishing and flipping!  We had videos submitted from as close as the Payette River here in Idaho to as far away as Switzerland.  We were all particularly impressed by the camera angles, editing and creativity put into bringing the theme to life.  Needless to say, picking the winner was tough…really tough.  So tough that we have a few honorable mentions we are going sling some dry sack to.  So without further ado:


Honorable Mentions:

Best Flip:

The Yampa River is huge in this movie,  The camera angles were awesome and the flip was very convincing.



Most Creative:

We could tell that is movie had some serous thought and editing put into it.  Warning:  This video is cute and a little cheesy.

Duckie Tales from Dee Gardiner on Vimeo.


Close, yet so far:

This vid. was right on target with the theme and we loved it, but it was voted out in the office pool for bad language.  Still, we are happy to show it, but be warned of the F-bomb.


Best Cause:

Alzar School and a free flowing river scheduled to be dammed. 



Top 3:

Best Edited: 

This video was a little different in a few ways.  It was the only video to have so many different angles and not have a fixed point for the camera.  It slowed down the feel and had good...texture.  The titles, sounds and video is all really well put together. 



Runner Up: 

Really, how could we pass up such style?  This is a good kayak video, it is well edited, a little different and shows that AIRE is essential to life all over the world.



Best Overall:  

Brush Creek in a raft…really?  Amazing.  Good camera shots, gnarly river, living it up! 



Thanks again to everyone who participated (AIRE T-Shirts and AIRE Hats are finally in the mail, i promise ;)