With our best-in-the-business 10-year warranty, AIRE is our line of premium, U.S.-made rafts, kayaks and catarafts. Constructed of Ferrari's patented Precontraint PVC fabric and urethane AIREcells, they set the standard for durability, performance and innovation.
Puma Series
The Puma Series is the play boat, river runner and creek boat of the rafting world. These boats make easier class II and III water more challenging and exciting, while remaining stable enough for experienced paddlers to run big class V sections and drop waterfalls. Highly maneuverable and amazingly responsive, the Puma Series can also play the role of an inflatable drift boat and is a top choice for fishing waters world wide.
"D" Series
"D" Series rafts feature diminished tube diameters in the front and rear to bring paddlers and fishermen up close and personal with the river. As a sporty alternative to our R Series, they're agile, versatile boats that can accommodate anything from your local river to an advanced expedition. Great for paddle teams and frame set-ups alike.
160 Double D
The 160 Double D is the newest design in our raft collection! This boat is a big gear and passenger boat that thinks it is only 14' long. The smaller, more diminished tube diameter and rocker makes for a fun ride and the extra width is great for large frames, coolers and dry boxes.
"E" Series
The elliptical shape of our "E" Series is designed for maximum thrills. Its high-rising pointed bow, slightly narrower beam and smaller diameter tubes help you punch through the biggest waves with ease, and the squared stern that makes a nice platform for a paddle captain. An outfitter favorite!
"R" Series
"R" stands for round, meaning a traditional, round inflatable boat design. These are the most stable of all AIRE rafts, with broader beams, larger tube diameters and longer waterlines. R Series rafts are ideally suited for families with children and epic three-week trips in the Grand Canyon. Straight sections now feature a 43-ounce chafe strip for greater durability.
Our Tributary line of rafts, catarafts and kayaks offers tremendous value for paddlers on a budget. Featuring the same legendary air retention features of our AIRE line, they're backed with a solid 5-year warranty (1-year warranty on Tomcat and Sawtooth kayaks).
Tributary Rafts
The Tributary series as born from an idea that affordable rafts don't have to compromise design or be slapped together with glue. Tributary rafts feature the same construction used in AIRE products, such as urethane AIREcells, Ferrari precontraint PVC skin, Leafield valves, durable d-rings, welded seams and incredibly fast self bailing floors. tributary rafts are sporty in the water and build to withstand river conditions.