With our best-in-the-business 10-year warranty, AIRE is our line of premium, U.S.-made rafts, kayaks and catarafts. Constructed of Ferrari's patented Precontraint PVC fabric and urethane AIREcells, they set the standard for durability, performance and innovation.
The Sabertooth is a frameless style cataraft designed to go big R2 style and pack in for light overnight trips.
Expedition Series
These cats are designed to carry extra large loads for longer trips. Expedition Series catarafts come in two sizes, each with longer water lines and larger diameter tubes than the Performance Series. Both feature AIRE’s revolutionary continuous panel design (no seams on the bottom panel) for maximium performance and durability.
Performance Series
Darting through huge rapids or carrying a load to camp, the versatility of our best-selling Performance Series catarafts is unparalleled. Recently redesigned with increased bow and stern rise for better maneuverability, a frame chafe strip for increased durability and new rubberized handles for greater carrying comfort.
Wave Destroyer Series
Bred to tackle Class V rivers--and perfected by AIRE's finest test pilots--these cats show no fear. Radically kicked tubes help these boats blast through waves and holes where no other cataraft would dare to go. Designed with experienced cat boaters in mind, they surpass all expectations for performance.