With our best-in-the-business 10-year warranty, AIRE is our line of premium, U.S.-made rafts, kayaks and catarafts. Constructed of Ferrari's patented Precontraint PVC fabric and urethane AIREcells, they set the standard for durability, performance and innovation.
River Tube
Float near the dock or on a local lazy river in this plush, ergonomic river tube
SUP series
DROP THE STITCH and switch to superior inflatable SUP construction! Introducing brand new radio frequency welded I-beam inflatable SUP technology.
Force Series
Recommended for intermediate to advanced paddlers, the Force series boats are designed to mimic the maneuverability of hard shell kayaks, while providing the security and safety of an inflatable kayak. These boats can surf, perform enders, do flat spins, and complete Eskimo rolls. Adjustable back and foot rests come standard.
Lynx Series
The Lynx I and Lynx II are the cornerstones of AIRE’s kayak fleet. These boats feature multiple tie-down loops, several drain holes, and plenty of interior room for self-supported trips. Stability and performance combine to make this series of boats an excellent choice for all paddlers.
Outfitter Series
The Outfitter kayak series features larger tubes and a low seating position for a lower center of gravity and incredible stability in whitewater. No other kayak on the market offers such a combination of stability and control. Designed to give confidence to whitewater kayaking novices and to experts in extreme water.
Specialty Series
For day trips, touring, and expeditions, AIRE has the specialty boat to make any trip a success. The AIRE line of specialty boats includes the Sea Tiger, a dedicated touring boat, the canoe-like Traveler, and the Super Lynx. The ability to deflate and roll up these boats allows you the flexibility to secure it inside a vehicle or store it in a small area.
Our Tributary line of rafts, catarafts and kayaks offers tremendous value for paddlers on a budget. Featuring the same legendary air retention features of our AIRE line, they're backed with a solid 5-year warranty (1-year warranty on Tomcat and Sawtooth kayaks).
Tomcat Series
Our most affordably priced kayaks, the Tomcat Series meets the needs of whitewater thrillseekers or families looking for a leisurely paddle in calm waters.
Strike Series
A good choice for beginners, the Strike and Strike 2 track efficiently in both rapids or in flat water. An upturned bow and stern deflect waves without catching too much wind. Welded seams and urethane bladders add to its durable design.
Touring Kayak Series
Find inner peace in the easy paddling waters found on local bays and lakes. The Sawtooth’s hull design and removable skeg harmoniously slice the water for relaxed paddling experience. Now available in one and two person models.