Super Lynx
10/4/2011 | by: David Hayes
Aire Super Lynx may be the most versatile craft I've ever come across. Just took ours from Alaska to France for an extensive tour. Seven days of paddling the Dordogne River with all our gear and my wife and I. The river goes from class II on the upper to slow backwater type calm and our Super Lynx never broke stride. We explored castles, caves, and vineyards and then packed it all up and headed south to Cassis, France. Put the skeg in and took to the Mediterranean and exploring the limestone Calanques around Cassis. Tour boats tried their best to swamp us, but even big wakes didn't seem to bother us much. Lightweight (can fly as standard luggage), maneuverable, and strong it is perfect as far as we are concerned. We even take our two 90lbs dogs for paddles at home in Alaska without trouble.
1/17/2011 | by: Erich Walsh
We just got back from a trip to Hawaii with our Super Lynx. We surfed in waves off Waikiki, which was a blast. The boat is long but still turns well enough to catch waves a the last second, and can be controlled to some extent when in the wave. On a couple of rides we ended up sideways, but the boat is so stable we only got thrown out once. Another day, we paddled out past the break on the North Shore and ended up rescuing two guys whose Malibu Two kayak started sinking. We ended up with 3 adult males including myself, plus my 11 year old son, with a half submerged Malibu in town, and the Super Lynx dealt with it. Didn't even sit that low in the water with close to 800 pounds in it. The guys couldn't believe it. Next, put my 110 pound wife and all three boys of 10, 11 and 12 years in it, plus a big bag of snorkel gear, paddled across Kaleakala Bay to the Captain Cook monument on the Big Island. Went right by solo riders in plastic kayaks. Boat handled us all just fine, and it was even comfortable. Son used it to stand up paddle surf in a small break - yes, he stood up and surfed, the thing is that stable. Also took it out to whale watch in Maui, which was a blast. 6 months into owning this thing, I find it to be a fantastic purchase. It is more comfortable than my old Malibu 2, more stable, you can have many people in it because it doesn't have rigid seat sections that prevent people from piling in. It is comfortable to get in and out of, stable enough to have the wife and kids in it while I board from deep water!Also comfortable as anything to lay down in - try that in a Malibu without breaking your back. Also, when you wipe out in the waves and it hits you - no damage to you, unlike a hard plastic projectile kayak (my friend got seriously injured by his once while wave surfing). As you can guess, I am never going back to plastic kayaks. Set up takes about 10 minutes from rolled up to ready to go once you get the hang of it. We are getting another one to have double to fun on our next trip. What else...oh, make sure if you plan on flying with it you give it a day to dry out before you do, as the weight plus some water/dampness and a suitcase will exceed 50lbs if you're not careful. We put only the Super Lynx in one bag, paddles and pump in another (left the seats home).
1/1/2009 | by: Mark Rottman
I have owned a Super Lynx for 8 years. I have used it for river trips(knik, kenai, and russian). I have also used it for saltwater planning in Prince William Sound and Resurection Bay. It has never failed to perform. I have fished extensively from it in both fresh and saltwater. It is a magical craft as far as I am concerned.
6/15/2007 | by: Canoe and Kayak Magazine - June, 2007
Canoe & Kayak Magazine did an inflatable boat review that includes the Super Lynx.
The Super Lynx is a crossover kayak that's equally at home paddling in moderate whitewater or flat-water. Plenty of leg room for two but not too big for one person to paddle, this kayak retains its maneuverability and speed. Featuring a V-shape hull and a removable aluminum skeg, feel free to tear it up on the river or track comfortably paddling along the shore.

The Super Lynx is for you if:

  • - You paddle some flat water and some whitewater

  • - You want a boat the tracks well

  • - You need a big crossover kayak to pack lots of overnight gear

- 2 carry handles
- 2 sets of drain holes
- 18 sets of cargo loops
- 2 Cheetah chairs
- 2 Seat Pockets
- Outer PVC Shell
- AIREcell System
- Welded Seams
- Continuous Curve
- Leafield B7 Valves


Length: 14'
Load Capacity: 600 lbs.
Width: 37"
Weight: 46 lbs.
Tube Diameter: 11"
Air Chambers: 3
Bow/Stern Rise: 9"
Base Fabric: 1100
Waterline: 126"
Material Weight Oz/Yd: 24/27
Thwarts: 0