2017 Materials Update


Lighter Weight Boats

Materials and technology are constantly improving to provide better, stronger, faster, lighter products for paddlesports enthusiasts. Here at AIRE, we believe in providing the highest quality boats for our customers, and stand behind our products with the best warranties in the business. We also believe in continuing to get better, offering the best materials and newest technology to boaters everywhere.

Starting in 2017, we are now offering all of our U.S. made rafts and catarafts with new lighter weight materials. Creating a boat that holds up to the standards AIRE has held high over the last 28 years with a 10-20% weight savings depending on model.



37 oz.

New 37 Oz. Ferrari PVC

We worked directly with Ferrari fabrics, our supplier since AIRE was founded to specifically design a lighter weight PVC that is just as tough as the 43 Oz gray we have offered in the past. 

  • 1670 base denier, same as the 43 Oz
  • Extra layer of lacquer provides higher abrasion resistance
  • Improved tear strength




Lighter AIREcells

Switching from a 15 mil urethane to a 12 mil, the same thickness used on our kayaks, provides roughly a 20% decrease in weight. The new lighter weight AIREcells tested just as well as the 15 mil, with the same puncture resistance and tear strength.