Cataract Blades

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AIRE offers two of the most popular oar blades made by Cataract Oars, the Magnum II & the Cutthroat.


Cataract Oar Blades

Cataract® Oars molds all of their blade models of high-density structural urethane. These oar blades are built to take a beating. And why not? You’re pairing them with the most robust oar shafts on the market—they’d better keep up. Every blade is built with pocketed grooves on the shaft insert. These serve a triple purpose: they allow us to shave off a bit of weight, they allow an escape for river grit (instead of grinding about between shaft and insert), and they make for easier blade installation and removal. All Cataract oar blades sport an o-ring on the insert for a snug fit into the shaft. And, since all of our blades feature Cataract® Oars’ convenient push-button, no tools are needed for blade interchangeability. On the go, on the river, you can easily swap oar blades, shafts and whatnot, giving you endless possibilities. 


Magnum Blade

The most popular oar blade sold by Cataract Oars, the Magnum II features a high-grade urethane body molded around a stiff composite core. This combination lends moderate flex and unparalleled strength to the blade. With 7″ of width, it displaces a lot of water. You’ll feel it, too, when you surge forward every time you give it a good heave on the river. The teardrop shape is a favorite among rowers, and it has quickly become the workhorse of the blade fleet.


Cutthroat Blade

The Cutthroat oar blade lets you say goodbye to those short, choppy strokes. No more scraping away at gravel bars with your blade tips. No more tickling the riverbed. We gave the Cutthroat blade its scooped shape so that you can avoid such annoyances and concentrate on your primary purpose: catching fish. Greater submerged oar blade surface area allows for maximum propulsion in low water conditions. This translates into you controlling your boat with a lot less effort. With the Cutthroat shallow water blade, you’ll be able to put your boat exactly where you want it. And keep it there!

Cataract Blades Specifications


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