Puma Series
Puma Blue

Turn whitewater, big or small, into your own personal playground. Enhanced with narrow beams, high rockers, and a continuous curve design, these zippy, durable boats are built to play in waves and run tight lines.

Cub Series
Cub Blue

The Cub was built to be the ultimate river playboat. At around 10.5 feet this is a sporty, and nimble raft.

"R" Series
130r Blue

Our best, most stable all-around whitewater boat—ready to run big water. The “round” design, with its large tube diameters and long water lines, offers maximum stability and stiffness

"E" Series
130 E Blue

For more technical, narrow, rocky rivers, the “elliptical” design delivers excellent maneuverability.

"D" Series
130d Blue

D series rafts are quick on the water and features “diminished” bow and stern tube diameter to put you close to the action.

"DD" Series
126dd Blue

This design features a shorter waterline for responsive handling and extra width for added stability. The rocker and shape of the bow and stern climb up and over waves like a 4-wheel drive vehicle.





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